Thursday, May 20, 2010


Photo: Jenn Fest IV in May, 2009. Tallahassee, FL.

Almost summer. May as well be summer; May in Central Florida is hot enough to be summer damn near anywhere else, anyways. Some people are complaining- too hot, afternoon showers. They should move.
I love summer in Florida. Sure, my power bill goes up. Sure, it is hot, sweaty or rainy at times, but really there are few things I love more than a post-thunderstorm dusk.
The air smells wet, the clouds make the baddest sunsets, everything seems so settled and relaxed. Tree frogs are chirping like crazy. You don't get it quite like that any other time of year- nothing like it.
Everything you do outdoors is more fun. The beach is better. The springs are better. The woods are better. If you don't get that, get out of Florida.

Another thing that is better is road trips. There is just something about driving down the turnpike to South Florida, or I-4 to Tampa in the late afternoon/ early evening that is just more alive than it is during the winter. Last weekend I drove down to South Florida, alone. Listened to The Hold Steady, thought about music, my friends, life. It was awesome. When I got down there, I got to hangout with some amazing people I haven't seen in quite a while (hadn't been in Fort Lauderdale since August- a long time for me.)

Tonight, I'm driving over to Tampa to see some more friends. Can't wait. More of The Hold Steady. Finishing up my 3/4 sleeve tomorrow morning. It will be nice to see that finally completed.

I'm also finally playing music regularly again. 3 bands. Practices Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. First show in 9-10 months June 22. School starts again July 4. New project with a good friend that I think will be fun. Fuck yeah, summer.

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