Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm getting older!

It's almost May, which means a boat load of my friends and I are getting older. It's weird how many friends I have with May birthdays. Kind of awesome, too. This year I am turning 32 years old. That really doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Feels the same as 28, 29, 30, and 31. Maybe I will feel differently when I wake up on May 5 (birthday is May 4.) Sometime's I think it is weird to think that I don't feel like I am getting old or something. I feel like I've matured a lot, gained a lot of knowledge, but just don't feel any older at all. I just like enjoying my life and my friends. I'm pretty lucky to have some of the people around me that I do, some which have been around me for quite a while now. I also miss a lot of people I haven't seen in a bit. It looks like my schedule at work is finally normalizing to where I won't be working every Saturday, which is nice. I miss having two days off in a row. You really take it for granted until you work 12 out of 16 Saturdays or whatever crap it has been. Means I will actually be able to do some occasional visits to friends in other towns again, hopefully. Plus I'm going to LA June 3. That should be great.

Tyson and Maria's birthdays are also May 4, so we are celebrating together at Will's Pub. Should be pretty fun. We're going to have Slippery Slopes and Teenage Softies play, some people Dj'ng, cheap PBRs, and more. I haven't celebrated my birthday in a while so I don't feel like a total jerk doing so this year.

Also working on a show May 13 at Will's Pub for Shaking Hands. I love/hate helping people book a show. I love it because it's fun, like a creative problem solving puzzle assembling the pieces to make it work. I hate it because I always feel personally responsible for how many people do or do not show up, and I'd feel worse if it did poorly than I would feel good if it did well. Plus, I never take any money for it. Usually I just end up having fun because I get to help out someone who is a nice person. So. . . if you're free May 13, come out to Will's. We don't know all the bands that will be playing yet, but hopefully we will soon.

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  1. you're older than i am. just wanted all TEN of your other followers to know that.