Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just realized that my old blog, Myspace Mutants, has more posts on it than this one. Not sure how proud I am of that. Good thing I didn't quit my job, and put all my chips in on a Myspace based website.
I woke up way early for work today, so I decided to get some outside of work work done. In other words, I have spammed about 1000 people this morning, and if I'm real good maybe I can spam another 2000 in the next 45 minutes. I sent out "fan" suggestions for Will's Pub, Parafora Presents:, and Vinyl Richie's Wiggly World of Records from the Orlando Shows profile. If you got the invites, I hope you appreciate one of them and choose to join the group or page I invited you to. They're all related to local music in some way or another, so I'm guessing you may. If not, ignore my shit.
I also created a group called Orlando Shows Group, mostly just because it has discussion threads on it. Maybe people will find it a useful place to connect regarding music in Orlando, maybe they will just be giant ass holes to each other (like what happens on virtually every music related message board for some reason.) Maybe nobody uses it, maybe somebody does. I also bought the url,, and I am going to hopefully get a site together to accomplish virtually the same thing the FB profiles do. I don't know if this is superfluous or not, but I'll try it out. It works with and I like/respect what they've got going on. If anyone wants to help me out, let me know.
In other news. . . I leave for vacation tomorrow. Going to the frigid north to visit old Tallahassee and Orlando friends. Should be fun!