Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Support your friends!

I felt like this would be an appropriate post for this blog. Earlier on in the life of the blog, I interview my good friend Josh Mikel, aka Sharkguts. He is a great artist, and I just ordered two of his prints for my bare bedroom walls:

Pretty stoked on that. Also pretty stoked that his band moved to Austin, TX, because now I have a reason to visit. Which I definitely will be doing in the near future. Actually, I think I will be visiting a lot of places this year. Where should I go?
I also swear to God I am working on more interviews. I'd also like to have another contributor to the blog if anyone is interested. I want to keep it all positive, and related to independent art and music. If you're interested email me, kyle@paraforapresents.com. Also, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Sony Acid Pro or Ableton Live they would let me "borrow".

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